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Steph Trinidad loves connecting people to their awesomeness through dynamic yoga flows and heart-opening chanting. 


A yogi since 1999, Steph discovered Ashtanga yoga while training for ultra marathons in Boulder, CO. The obstacles she faced on the trail were no different than those she faced on her mat. And the rewards were just as memorable. Practice hard, but surrender in the face of the unknown. Show up with a plan, but be willing to let go of it. Perfection lies in the intention and in the continuous progression. And most importantly, you really don't need to run 100 miles to feel like a badass. You just need to remember you already are one! 


Steph loves to connect with her students from the perspective of 'we're all in this together.' Her classes are creative, fun and challenging, and focus on breath, concise cueing and hands-on adjustments. Each class begins and ends with heart-opening, accessible chants. 


Steph hopes to continue to bring people together and build a strong sense of community and connection through her yoga and Kirtan happenings. 

Off the mat you will find Steph leading Kirtan events, on the trails with her dogs Boogie Woogie and Can You Diggit, or jumping out of airplanes!

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